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Come Join us Tuesday Feb 7 to kick off our 2017 season!

Hello everyone!

Happy New Year to all and we hope everyone had a safe and joyous holiday season. We are back at the Vancouver Rowing Club Tuesday Feb 7 to start our 2017 season. The charity we are supporing through the Feb event is Child Haven International. The incredibly talented Denny Williams will be our host and the songwriters/singers we will be featuring include: Melanie Dekker, Lindsay May, Rick Keating, Beverley Elliott, Mark James Fortin and Yvonne McSkimming. All incredbiligy gifted and talented artists. Book your tickets early to make sure you have a seat as we will sell out fast. Look to bring a group of friends, your family or your colleagues and come join us for a nigh of spectacular community, food, company and music. Contact Yvonne at 604 726 5277 or to book tickets.