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Mark May 2 in your calendars, JSR is back at the Vancouver Rowing Club. Come and Join Us!

Hello everyone!

What a terrific show Ross Douglas, Geoff Gibbons, Warren and Kate and special guest Barb Metcalf put on for us. We thank these talented and gifted artists and all the volunteers and patrons who braved their way through yet another snow and cold evening to make the night so spectacular. You all ROCK. We hope you will all come and join us for our next show MAY 2 - with the hope that the word SNOW is no longer in our vocabulary (at least until the fall - crossing our fingers and toes). The incredibly talented Denny Williams will be our host in May and the ever talented Michael Booth Palmer, Norman Foote, David Sinclair will join Beverley Elliott, Mark James Fortin and Yvonne McSkimming on stage. Book your tickets early to make sure you have a seat as we will sell out fast. Look to bring a group of friends, your family or your colleagues and come join us for a nigh of spectacular community, food, company and music. Contact Yvonne at 604 726 5277 or to book tickets.