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THANK YOU! for an awesome 20th Anniversary Party!

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share some feedback with folks we received from a patron who attended our 20th Anniversary on Tuesday July 4. It touched our hearts, but more importantly it reassured us that what we are trying to do, the message we are trying to get out in the world is happening. THANK YOU Joy for your kind words.

"Good morning Yvonne,

I could not let the end of the season go by without writing to thank you for all you do to make the Synergy evenings happen. The collective is a model for everyone on how working together, listening to one another, and helping each other can happen in a positive and dynamic way and bring forth results far greater than ever imagined, making differences in the lives of so many people through the organizations you support. Truly inspiring. Synergy is filled with - well - pure love - that comes through in the food we eat, the people at the door that welcome us and the music we listen to that reaches into places of our souls we tend to keep shut far too often.

The July evening was truly the best of any we have ever attended. Denny brings such humour and light to the evening, Mark whose voice and guitar playing seem to get richer and better every month and his wife (Lorna?) - whose cello brings a depth to the music which is incredible, Beverley and her wonderful joie de vie that she brings, the bagpipe player whose name escapes me but whose liveliness doesn't, the amazing sax player and of course - you and your voice which truly reaches the heavens with its purity and otherworld beauty - well - it still is resonating with both myself and my husband.

Thank you for you and to all you do behind the scenes to organize the people involved to make such evenings happen. Thank you to each of your performers who come out each month and share their love of music with us. Thank you to everyone who sell raffle tickets, donate raffle items, set the tables, serve the food, donate the space, do the stage lights and sound, pour the drinks, donate the food, clean up the place, sing the songs, and bring together a wide range of people each month to collectively make this world a better place. You are inspiring."

Thank you to everyone who was able to come and join us July 4 to celebrate 20 years of music, community and love. We had a spectacular show filled with many highlights and big laughs. We are now off for the summer but will be back Tuesday October 3 so please mark this date in your calendar and be sure to contact Yvonne at 604 726 5277 or to reserve your seats early. Be safe everyone!