Synergy Collective Society is a community-based organization that blends art with social responsibility to support and create cooperative community programming. We combine theoretical and practical training in community stewardship and planning to develop and support integrated partnerships between local charities, businesses and artisans.

Thank you to all the performers and volunteers who so generously give of their time and talent to make each showcase possilble.  We know YOU are the heart and soul of Synergy and the reason for all our success.  We are deeply appreciate all that you do and give.  It is your efforts that make each show so engaging and magical.  To date, Synergy has raised over 2 million dollars for 59 Vancouver charities.  This amazing accomplishment is a result of your continuous support and belief in the work Synergy completes. YOU ARE ALL ANGELS!

Synergy Collective Society thanks all of our Partners, Sponsors & Donors including: The Vancouver Rowing Club, Emelle's Catering, Delany's Coffee House, SW Audio Visual, Mike and Kathy Gallagher and the ZLC Foundation, Les Tulluch, Terri Hodgins, Mark Finlay, Liz Carter, Lindsay Miles, Kerri Reid, Geri Stephen, Jonathan Pagtakhan, Chis Coady, Chris Sullivan, Denny Williams, Chris Boenighk and Neena Rahemtulla, Joy and David Fai, Carol Evenchick, Margaret Van Weston, Michael and Cameron Barker Fyfe, Carol Paraskish and all the staff at PPI, Anne Talbot, Anne Bethune, Kathy Kealey and Tory Ross, Leslie Fish and all the Cascadia staff, Leighton Hay, Lisa Morris, Kristi Joba, Karen St.Aubin, Mary Moltman, Joy, Jim Turpin, Sophie Jeon and all the staff from Lush,  Gerry and Linda Taunton and Suzanne and Mary Anne. Many thanks for your kindness and generosity!

Performers in 2019

Feb 5 - Geoff Gibbons, Andrea Menard, Melanie Dekker

March 5 - Don Alder, Norman Foote, (TBA)

April 2 - Chris Ronald, Hillary Grist, (TBA)

May 7 - Jen Hershman, Reid Jamieson/Carolyn Mill, Sarah Wheeler                

June 4 - Melanie Dekker, Jarod Suitor, Mark/Yvonne 

July 2 - Don Alder, Mark James Fortin, Beverley Elliott, Yvonne McSkimming

Summer Break - No Shows for August and September

Oct 1 - Norman Foote, Chris Ronald, (TBA) 

Nov 5 - Ross Douglas, Hillary Grist, (TBA)                                       

Dec 3 - Mark James Fortin, Beverley Elliott, Yvonne McSkimming

Latest News

The Passing Of A Music Legend! David Sinclair

Hello Everyone

With a heavy hear we are saddended to hear our dear friend David Sincliar has sucumb to his battle with Cancer. David was a rare person one in which could make a room light up with his incredible musicanship while also being the most caring person giving all that he had to help make a difference to anyone who needed it. David was a true believer in our work and supported us faithfully. His gentle and sincere manner only highlighted how gracious, kind and humble he was. David was recetnly inducted into the BC Music Hall of Fame. An honor well deserved as David made some of the best artists - KD lang, Sarah Mclachlan and many others sound incredible. We will miss him deeply as he was such a remarkable person. During this holiday season, be mindful of those in your life who are your loved ones or for whom you hold a kindred spirit with. It is time spent with those who leave an imprint, who make a difference, who inspire, who show you how to walk in the world and be present to all it has to give that remind us why we need to make time and spend time togehter.  Give an extra hug or kiss on the check to a friend, make the point of telling those in your life why they matter and what makes them so special. This is what the spirit of the holdiay season is all about, Big Real Love, it is also what I remember David being all about!. Don't let time be the excuse for not checking in and making a connection.....we all need to hear we are loved. 

We will see you all Tuesday February 5, 2019 for the start of our 23 season. The charity in focus will be Child Haven and we will be showcasing Melanie Dekker, Geoff Gibbons, Andrea Menard and our regulars Mark James Fortin, Beverley Elliott and Yvonne McSkimming. Doors open at 6pm and the night includes a fantastic dinner, stunning location and incredible talent. Please contact Yvonne at 604 726 5277 or to reserve your seats.