Synergy Collective

Hello Everyone. We are hoping for some good news soon : -)

Hello Everyone

We miss you all and are so hoping for the day when we are informed we are going to be able to gather and celebrate. We know it is just around the corner and will be working with the Rowing Club to see what the lay of the land will look like once we get the green light.  Until then, we hope everyone will continue to take good care, get fully vaccinated and help us all to stay on this positive track moving forward. 

Since we are located on Bowen Island, we have been partnering with the Bowen Island Legion to provide home cooked meals to seniors and those who need some TLC on Bowen Island. This continues to be the only program on Bowen providing such a service. To date we have served over 1500 meals and will be continuing until we are clearly out of the COVID woods. The need is great and every little bit of help is appreciated. There is no act of kindness that is too small and kindness is what is needed most right now and moving forward. If you can, consider helping out in your community to ensure those who are feeling isolated or invisible are not forgotten. Remember we are in this together : - )