Synergy Collective


Hi Folks, just wanted to send a bit of feedback about my first time at your Nov 4 event.  The music was so lovely, inspiring and fun!  I loved it!  - Heather

Thank you JSR from one soul to another. Outstanding, loving and comfortable. This from one who is ridden with anxiety and depression, you make my world a happy,loving place. I am amazed at how you spread warmth, giggles and musical talent. To bad I just couldn't carry you around in my back pocket to make all days joy..yup. - Rosie

Thank you again so much for the beautiful gift of tickets for myself, my husband Dale, and my Mom, Betty.  It was an amazing gift of fabulous music (Wow....forget the sugar plums....I've got wonderful sounds and voices of Angels dancing in my , giving to a good cause and warm memories. - Cindy

The welcoming committee at the front door is great and love having kids as volunteers...impressive to be teaching them early on how to give back to the community. - Jennifer

Enjoy the feeling of community building within the group and like that a variety of charities are represented.- Joan

Love music and hearing music and appreciative of how respectful the audience is. There is a great communal feeling. - Dave